"Overview of NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate's Advanced Manufacturing and Nanotechnology Portfolio"

LaNetra Tate, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA

The Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) is responsible for developing the crosscutting, pioneering, new technologies and capabilities needed by the agency to achieve its current and future missions. Research and technology development takes place within NASA Centers, in academia and industry, and leverages partnerships with other government agencies and international partners. STMD engages and inspires thousands of technologists and innovators creating a community of our best and brightest working on the nation's toughest challenges. Advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology are crosscutting areas that are critical to all of NASA's missions. NASA advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology capabilities and expertise are further strengthened through our partnerships with other government agencies, industry and academia around the nation. Dr. Tate will discuss current agency efforts in advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology that support the future of space exploration, as well as NASA's involvement in the U.S. National Manufacturing Initiative.

Dr. LaNetra Tate joined NASA Kennedy Space Center in October of 2005. Dr. Tate is currently detailed to NASA HQ where she works within the Space Technology Mission Directorate as the Advanced Manufacturing PI with the Game Changing Program. Prior to that position, she served as the Composites Lead in the Materials Science Division at Kennedy Space Center as well as the composite repair lead on the multi-center efforts, Composites for Exploration and Composite Cryotank projects. Dr. Tate completed a temporary assignment at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL in support of the Advanced Composites Technologies projects where she worked composite manufacturing and repair processes. Her areas of expertise include polymer matrix nanocomposites and composites, advanced manufacturing concepts and trends, and composite repair for aerospace systems. Dr. Tate has received numerous awards and was profiled on the cover of USF Magazine (Nanotechnology: Take a Look at the Power of Small). Dr. Tate holds 4 patents, 4 published patent applications and 16 publications.

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